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StreamAds Campaign targeting

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Campaign Targeting
Campaign Targeting



Campaign targeting allows you to select on which stations the campaign will be run. You can also specify the times of day and the days of the week the campaign can run.

Simple Targeting options

The targeting interface is broken up into 4 columns: Stations, Genres, Hour and Days.

  1. Stations
    The station targeting section allows you to pick the stations on which the campaign will run. You can either type in the usernames of all the stations within the edit field, or you can click on the usernames of the stations listed on the right of the edit field.
    IMPORTANT: If you do not specify ANY stations, then the campaign will be delivered on ALL of the listed stations (Unless you limited the campaign to specific Genres. See below.)
    If you wish to target all stations from a previously created station grouping, select the group from the drop down list next to the search box and wait for the station list to reload. Now only stations from the selected group are displayed. To target all the displayed stations, click the Add All Stations button.
  2. Genres
    Every station, when created, is assigned to a Genre (Sometimes called Format). Instead of picking the stations for the campaign one-by-one, you can schedule by Genre. For example, an advertiser may wish to reach all the Rock and Alternative stations within a network. This type of scheduling is extremely easy within StreamAds. Simply select these genres under the targeting.
    As with all the other lists, selecting NO genres results in the campaign being run on ANY genre of stations.
    (See List section guide at the bottom of this article)
  3. Hour
    Hour targeting limits the times at which the campaign can be run during the day. This allows you to schedule the campaign to coordinate with for example Drive-time traffic or special events.
    Note: For in-stream advertisements, the hour is based on the local time of the station's computer running the StreamAds compatible software (like SOS or SAM Broadcaster). For banners, text and gateways it is based on the time of the computer which delivers the advertisements - which are all set to the CST timezone.
    As with all the other lists, selecting NO hours results in the campaign being run the entire day (i.e. all 24 hours).
    (See List section guide at the bottom of this article)
  4. Days
    The Days targeting allows you to limit the days on which the campaign can run. You can schedule the campaign to only run on weekends for example (Saturday + Sunday selected). The attached screenshot shows a campaign scheduled to run only on work days.
    As with all the other lists, selecting NO days results in the campaign being run on ALL days.
    (See List section guide at the bottom of this article)

Once you have set up the targeting to your requirements, press the Apply changes button to store your new targeting settings and continue to the Campaign advertisement management screen.

To abort & discard and changes you have made, click on the Cancel button.

List section guide

An important concept about targeting is that the default target domain is ALL stations within the network. That effectively means that if you do not set ANY targeting, the campaign will be delivered on ALL stations on ALL days and ALL hours.

Thus with all the targeting options, selecting nothing is equal to selecting everything. For example, selecting Monday through Sunday on day targeting will have the same effect as leaving the list totally unselected.

We recommend leaving the list unselected instead of selecting all the options.

List operations

  • Selected items are highlighted (in blue on most operating systems)
  • To select a single item, click on it.
  • To select multiple items, hold the [CTRL] key down while clicking on the items.
  • To select a continuous range of items, click on the first item. Then hold down [SHIFT] and either click on the final item in the range, or use the arrow keys to move the selection up or down.
    Example: Try this. Click on 06:00. Now hold down [SHIFT] and press the down arrow.
  • To quickly select ALL the items, click on the All link directly below the list.
  • To quickly unselect the items, click on the None link directly below the list.
    Remember, selecting None is like selecting All!

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