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StreamAds Impression Forecast Report

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Station Impression Forecast Report
Station Impression Forecast Report



The impression forecast report can be a great too for planning one or more station's inventory.

This report will look back into the history statistics of the specified number of weeks and calculate the capacity of the station(s) to deliver in-stream advertisement impressions based on the past few weeks' performance.

It will then compare this with the currently scheduled PAID inventory on the station and report the estimated available inventory on the station.

Impression reporting is split up into 15sec, 30sec and 60sec units. They are not mutually exclusive, in other words a station with 1000 15sec impressions available can deliver:

  • 1000 x 15sex
  • 500 x 30sec
  • 250 x 60sec
  • 250 x 30sec, 500 x 15sec
  • 62 x 60sec, 125 x 30sec, 500 x 15sec

Generating Report

  • Stations
    In the Station field you can enter the username of one or multiple stations. Click on the Search icon next to the Station field title to look up station names.
  • Date from
    The starting date of the report data.
  • Date to
    The end date of the report data.
  • Time range
    Specify the timeslot for which you wish to generate the report. If you set this for example from 00:00 to 06:00 the report will show only results of advertisements played within that time period for every day within the Date range.
  • History
    How many weeks StreamAds should look back into the history statistics in order to estimate the future impressions.


  • View - display the results on the screen.
  • Print - display the results in a printer-friendly format.
  • Download - download the results in a comma-delimited file format (*.csv)

Report results


ForeCast Warning

The impression forecast report can only work properly if the advertisements in the system is not scheduled as Unlimited delivery, i.e. they have a start and end date as well as a maximum impression number.

The report will automatically exclude any advertisements that do not meet this criteria and the warning just notifies you that some advertisements were excluded from the report.

Except for scheduling Filler content, we recommend you ALWAYS enter a start date, end date and the maximum impressions for every advertisement scheduled into StreamAds.

The report also excludes any UNPAID advertisements, like Filler content, as the assumption is that any unpaid content can be pre-empted by actual paid content.

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