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StreamAds Managing Station Groupings

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Station Group List
Station Group List



Station groupings allow agencies to create groups of stations to which advertising can be targeted conveniently. An agency can define any number of station groups containing any of the stations for which they may target advertisements.

This section will cover how to create and manage station groupings within StreamAds.

Station group list

To view the station group list for your agency, click the Station Group List link in the Stations menu.

This will bring you to the station group list, pictured to the right. From here, new station groups may be created and existing groups may be updated.

Creating a station group

To create a station group, from the Station Group List, click the Add New Station Group button. You will be brought to the new station group form. Fill in a name for the new station group can click the Submit button. The station group will now be created for your agency.

Adding stations

To add stations to a group, from the Station Group List screen, click the Stations link next to the group for which you wish to add stations. You will be brought to the station selection screen. All stations for which you have access will be displayed in the station list on the left hand side of the page. All stations already in the group are displayed in the list to the right.

To add a new station, click the Add button next to the name of the station. To remove a station, click the Remove button next to the station in either of the lists.

IMPORTANT: When a station is removed from a station group, targeting of advertising from existing campaigns to this station is not affected. If you no longer wish to target ads at a station, you will need to edit targeting for the existing campaign and remove the station.

Editing a station group

To change the name of a station group, click the Edit link next to the name of the group in the Station Group List page. Enter the new name and click the Submit button.

Deleting a station group

To delete a station group, click the Delete link next to the name of the group in the Station Group List page. IMPORTANT: Deleting a station group will not affect targeting of advertising in existing campaigns to stations in the group. If you no longer wish to target advertising at the stations in existing campaigns, you will need to edit campaign targeting and remove the station.

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