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StreamAds Managing campaign advertisements

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Advertisement Management
Advertisement Management



Every campaign will contain one or more advertisement types - Banner, Text, In-Stream or Gateways. StreamAds is one of the few systems that allow this wide flexibility.

This section will cover how to create and manage each of the above advertisement types within StreamAds.

Advertisements forms

In order to create a new advertisement entry, click on the relevant Add new [type] link.

This will bring you to the relevant advertisement details form.

Advertisement operations

  • Edit
To edit any of the advertisements' details, click on the Edit link next to the advertisement.
  • Setting Per Station Limits
You can specify the rotation limits for the advertisement for each targeted station by clicking the Limits link next to each advertisement. See Setting Per Station limits for more details.
  • Delete
You can delete an advertisement by clicking on the Delete link next to the advertisement. You will be asked to confirm this action.
Note1: There is no way to Undelete an advertisement. If you accidently deleted an advertisement you will need to re-create the advertisement.
Note2: Deleting an advertisement does not affect statistics at all. The delivery statistics of deleted advertisements will still show up on reports.
  • Preview
You can get a quick preview of how the advertisements look by clicking on the Preview link next to each advertisement.

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