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StreamAds Providers

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StreamAds is the technology that powers the advertisement delivery of your banner, text, in-stream and gateway content. SOS and SAM Broadcaster needs to communicate with StreamAds to download and schedule your spots within your stream. You can have up to 3 different StreamAds providers, i.e. you can get advertisement content from 3 different locations. This option can be found in the Configure Window.

StreamAds Providers Window

Advertising providers / Provider A to C – The 3 different providers you can specify. For each provider the following values below must be specified:

  • Enable provider – Check to enable provider.
  • Provider interface URL - This URL will be given to you by your advertising provider. This is the API location which SOS uses to grab advertisement information from.
  • Username - Your station username. Contact your provider to obtain it.
  • Password - Your station password. Contact your provider to obtain it.
  • Verify – You can click this button to see if the details you entered is correct. If it fails, please double-check the Provider interface URL, Username and Password.
  • Use provider for xx% of advertising inventory - Specifies how much of the advertising inventory is “promised” to each provider. SOS will do its best to rotate advertising according to these percentages of inventory. When a provider is “under-scheduled”, other providers will be allowed to schedule more advertising than their specified percentage to make sure your inventory is always used to the maximum possible.

    Note: The specified percentages must always count up to 100%. SOS will automatically scale the values you type in to 100%. Thus it is important to note that if you temporarily disable one provider, the other 2 providers’ percentages will increase. You will need to re-adjust this when you enable the provider again.
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