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StreamAds Quick Start guide

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Welcome to the StreamAds quick start guide. In this document we will try and quickly show you the minimum you need to know to successfully schedule advertisements using the StreamAds system. This should provide a good starting point from which you can continue to explore the StreamAds system.



  • Make sure you have your StreamAds AGENT username and password ready.
  • The guide is best followed by doing the actions step-by-step. Thus make sure you have at least one banner advertisement and one audio advertisement ready. You can also use the audio advertisement as a gateway advertisement, but it would be good if you can have a video advertisement ready.
  • Supported audio formats: MP3, Ogg, WMA. (MP3 recommended)
  • Supported video formats: WMV, Flash (WMV recommended)

Loading advertisements quick start guide

  1. Log into StreamAds at http://sa-a.streamads.com/sa/
  2. Log in as AGENT with your username and password. (Please note this is NOT the same as your station username)
  3. From the main navigation menu, click on Advertiser -> Advertiser list.
  4. Click on Add new advertiser and complete the details for your advertiser. Click on 'Submit' when you are done.
  5. On the next page, click on Add Campaign and complete the details for your campaign. Click on 'Submit' when you are done.
  6. The next screen will allow you to set your campaign targeting options. It is very important to target your campaign to the correct stations, otherwise you may get impressions from stations not intended to run the campaign.
  7. After the targeting has been set, you will be directed to the screen where you can load your advertisements.
    1. Click on the New banner, New text, New in-stream and New gateway links to add your advertisements.
    2. After uploading your advertisements, you can preview them by clicking on the Preview link next to each advertisement.


  • Once scheduled, the advertisements will start downloading to the station software (SAM Broadcaster or SOS) and will start to play at the correct times. Thus no further action is required.
  • However, please note that it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a full 2 hours before the content reaches the software, so avoid doing absolutely last minute scheduling of advertisements to ensure you meet your rotation goals.


  • In most cases it is easier to use the links within the information blocks at the top of the page, instead of using the main navigation bar.
  • Always schedule banners and text advertisements first. That way you can immediately specify them to be synchronized with in-stream audio and gateway advertisements when uploading the latter.

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