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StreamAds Station signup guide

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Getting a new station up and running quickly requires that you, as reseller and direct link to the client, collect the correct information so that Spacial has all the information we need to complete the signup process.

The signup process can be broken into a few phases:

Phase 1: Collect basic information

Network details

  • Network name. If station does not belong to any specific network, use Independent as the network name.
  • Contact person name
  • Contact person email address

For every station, collect the following details:

Station details

  • Station name / Call letters
  • Station website
  • Station contact person
  • Station contact person email
  • Timezone
  • City, State, Zip, Country

Phase 2: Collect automation log sample

Phase 3: Install SOS

Before you start, make sure the machine SOS is being installed on meets the minimum requirements for SOS operation.

We recommend using these exact system specifications where possible.

In order to install SOS, please follow these instructions:

Phase 4: Train station staff on StreamAds usage

The final phase is training station staff on the usage of StreamAds.

The minimum skills that must be trained are:

  • Creating/Editing/Removing advertisers
  • Creating/Editing/Removing campaigns
  • Targeting campaigns
  • Uploading advertisements
  • Generating basic reports

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