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StreamAds Trafficking

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The StreamAds Trafficking system, sometimes referred to as the Old spot modal, was built to provide stations with a path into the CPM based rotation modal.

Traditional radio stations usually sell inventory based upon

  1. How many spots to play for advertiser.
  2. When those spots play.

Spots during high-listening hours are more expensive than those in low listener hours.

In online internet radio this modal is no longer required. StreamAds knows exactly how many listeners are listening at any given moment, thus we can sell exact impressions - which is called the CPM based modal.

CPM vs. SPOT modal

Advantages of CPM modal:

  • Much easier to manage & schedule.
  • Especially easy to manage & schedule over multiple stations.
  • Advertisers get exactly what they pay for.
  • The rate stays the same, regardless of the time of day the advertisement is delivered.

Advantages of SPOT modal:

  • Many advertisers do not yet fully understand the advantages of the CPM modal and might be confused about the modal. Many will insist on the spot modal simply because they are familiar with it.
  • Allows detailed control over the order in which advertisements play.

Creating a traffic log

StreamAds Traffic Log Calendar
StreamAds Traffic Log Calendar

The first step in creating a traffic log is to navigate to the Traffic logs section for each station.

From the main menu, move your mouse over Networks and then click on Network lists.

Next, click on Stations.

Finally, click on the Traffic logs link next to your station.

This will bring you to the Traffic Logs screen, also called the Traffic Log Calendar.

Here you can see a quick view of all the Traffic logs scheduled for the entire month. You can use the Previous and Next links next to the month to navigate between months.

Note: Completed Traffic logs are automatically removed from the Calendar display, so navigating back in time will most likely result in viewing empty calendars, even if there were Traffic logs previously scheduled.

Generating a traffic log

Generate Traffic Log
Generate Traffic Log

In order to generate a traffic log, click on the Quick Generate link on the first day where you want the traffic log to start. This will bring up the Generate Traffic Log window.

Complete the fields and press Generate rotation lists to create the traffic log.

  • Date start
    The date on which the traffic log will start.
  • Date end
    The date on which the traffic log will end.
  • Sort mode
    You have two options
    • Automated
    StreamAds will pick the best advertisement from the traffic log for playback, while making sure the entire Traffic log gets played, before restarting from the top. Thus the order of the delivery of advertisements might be random, but the end result should be about the same as far as number of times played goes.
    • Fixed
    StreamAds is forced to use the EXACT order of the traffic log, playing all the advertisements from top to bottom.
  • Split day in [splitnumber] parts
    There can be several lists for a particular day, each covering a specific timezone of the day.
    Here you can specify in how many day-parts do you wish to split every day.
    A new Traffic log will be created for each and every day-part.
  • and place [fillnumber] spots into each list.
    StreamAds will give you a quick start to editing your list, by placing the specified number of advertisements into your newly created Traffic log.
  • Repeat items [repeatcount] times.
    This specifies how many times every item within the list needs to be played before the list will stop rotating content.
    Setting this to Infinite will cause the advertisements to rotate until the end date is reached. (This is the most commonly used setting)

Once you have completed all the field, click on the Generate rotation lists button. The Traffic Log Calendar display will be updated to show the newly created Traffic logs. To edit these logs, click on them.

Cloning an existing traffic log

You can clone the traffic log to one or more stations.

Select the checkboxes next to the traffic log(s) which you wish to copy and select the Clone action from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page. Press the Go button to select which stations you wish to clone the traffic log to.

Deleting an existing traffic log

To delete one or more traffic logs, select the checkbox next to the traffic log(s) and select the Delete action at the dropdown field at the bottom of the calendar. Press the Go button to delete the selected lists. You will be asked to confirm this action.

Note: Logs scheduled over several days will have a checkbox in each and every day they are scheduled over. You only have to select one checkbox, no need to select the checkbox for every day. Deleting the log for one day will delete it for ALL the days the log are scheduled over (As you are deleting the Traffic log, not just a single day it is scheduled on)

Adding content to a traffic log

StreamAds Traffic scheduling
StreamAds Traffic scheduling

From the Calendar you can click on any Traffic log to start editing that traffic log.

Traffic log editing date

The first important concept to discuss is that the Traffic log editor screen will ONLY show advertisements valid for the station - but more in particular, only valid advertisements for the DAY on which you clicked.

Example: Thus if you clicked on 1 November 2007, only advertisements with a start date before 1 Nov and an end date after 1 Nov will be included to the added to the traffic log.

The current editing date is specified right below the main title caption: StreamAds Traffic Log date editing range

If you wish to view ALL the advertisements available during the entire period of the Traffic log, click on the Edit full date range link.

If you wish to pick another date to edit, click on the Select day link which will take you back to the Traffic log Calendar in order to pick another day to edit.

Traffic log options

  • Date start
  • Date end
  • Sort mode
  • Repeat items [repeatcount] times
  • Status
  • Last modified

Once you have made any changes, click on the Save settings button to store and apply those changes.

Adding traffic log content

The traffic log screen is split into two sections

  1. available inventory to the left;
  2. and the traffic log to the right.

Adding content to the log is really simple - either click on the green plus sign or on the advertisement name (on the advertisements listed on the left). You should notice the page on the right refreshing and containing the new advertisements.

  • Add selected advertisements will bulk-add all the advertisements with their checkbox selected.
  • Place advertisement from another provider is a special place holder that will tell StreamAds to select an advertisements from another scheduled provider, instead of picking an advertisement from the Traffic log.
  • Remove selected advertisements will bulk-remove all the advertisements with their checkbox selected from the traffic log.

You can quickly preview the advertisements by clicking on the play button (green triangle).

Managing traffic log content

Once you have added advertisements to the traffic log, you can then proceed to organize this content.

The up/down arrows will allow you to arrange the order of advertisements in the list. This is really only relevant to Fixed traffic logs.

The red X in a circle is the delete button. Use this to remove any item from the traffic log.

  • You can also bulk-remove items by selecting the checkbox next to each item and clicking on the Remove selected link.
  • Clear all will delete all items within the list.
  • Auto-arange will do its very best to arrange the fixed list so that there are no conflicts (See below).

Fixed Traffic Log conflicts

A problem with Fixed traffic logs is that StreamAds is forced to follow the specified order, ignoring all rotation limiting rules set in the software.

This means there is no protection from the same spot being played back-to-back, or less serious problems like playing spots from the same campaign or same category within the same advertisement block.

The Traffic log editor thus provides some helpful hints, by color coding detected conflicts so the user is at least aware of such conflicts during the schduling of content.


Fixed Traffic Log Conflicts

Here you can see how blue indicates that we are scheduling two ads from the same campaign, and the red shows a more serious error of scheduling two advertisements back-to-back.

Note: This is not a problem with Automated Traffic logs, as StreamAds has the freedom to apply the rules to the Traffic log. Thus, the Automatd lists never show the conflict coloring.

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