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Streamads Advertiser Traffic Report

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Advertiser Traffic Report
Advertiser Traffic Report



The Advertiser Traffic Report is used for affidavit style reporting, giving advertisers a detailed view on the spot-plays and performances for their campaigns. Traffic reports contain the exact date and time on which advertisement aired and can be downloaded to comma-delimited format for easy distribution to advertisers or station staff.

Note: This level of detail is only available for In-stream advertisements. Due to the volume of data for Gateway, Banners & Text-ads, it simply does not make sense to generate this type of detail for those advertisement types.

Generate report

  • Advertiser
    In the Advertiser field you can enter the username of the advertiser for which you wish to generate the report. Click on the Search icon next to the Advertiser field title to look up advertiser username.
  • Timezone
    By default, the report is shown in Greenwhich Mean Time, i.e. the world standard zero offset timezone.
    By changing this value you can change the timezone of the report to be displayed in your local timezone.
  • Date from
    The starting date of where to look for data.
  • Date to
    The end date of where to look for data.
  • Time range
    Specify the timeslot for which you wish to generate the report. If you set this for example from 00:00 to 06:00 the report will show only results of advertisements played within that time period for every day within the Date range.
  • Sort by
    This field allows you to specify how to order the results.
  • Limit results to
    Traffic log reports can become pretty big for advertisers where the campaign is delivered accross a lot of stations. This setting will allow you to limit the amount of rows displayed on the screen for easier viewing.
    Note: Only applicable to View and Print report action. The Download action will always include all rows.


  • View - display the results on the screen.
  • Print - display the results in a printer-friendly format.
  • Download - download the results in a comma-delimited file format (*.csv)

Report results

If the report contains too many rows to display on the first page, the report will be broken up into several pages. To view the other pages, click on the page number links next to the Page text at the top or bottom of the report.


  • Date
    The date on which the advertisement played.
  • Time
    The exact time the advertisement played.
  • Station
    The name of the station on which the advertisements were delivered.
  • Spot name
    The description of the advertisements that played.
  • Duration
    The duration of the advertisement in seconds.
  • Cost
    The total cost of the advertisements for that single event, based on the supplied CPS or CPM rate.
  • Impressions
    The total amount of ears that heard the advertisement.


  • Note: The totals are for the WHOLE report, not just the visible rows on the screen.

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