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The AGC (Average Gain Control) is an option found in SAM Broadcaster, SAM Party DJ and SOS that takes the audio coming from the pipeline and cleans it up to give a better output quality.

Controls of the AGC Window

AGC Window seen in SAM Broadcaster
AGC Window seen in SAM Broadcaster

Sound processing can make your station stand out above the crowd - if used correctly! Incorrectly using sound processing can harm your station just as much.

In this chapter our goal is to help you use the AGC processors to get the best sound for your station.

Lets start by briefly discussing each process:

  1. Gated AGC
    • The Gated AGC is used to "roughly" normalize the volume level so that the audio has an approximated constant volume level. The Gated AGC should be used together with the 5-band or 2-band processor because the Gated AGC on its own aims to simply provide a better input audio stream to these more fine tuned n-band sound processors.
  2. Stereo expander
    • The stereo expander can give more "dimension" to the audio, and can especially make voice sound better. Great for use with VoiceFX module.
  3. Bass EQ
    • The Bass EQ is used to emphasize the bass sounds & beats.
  4. 5-band processor
    • The 5-band processor splits the audio into 5 frequencies, applying a compressor, limiter and expander to each band.
  5. Dual-band processor
    • The 2-band processor splits the audio into 2 frequencies, applying a compressor, limiter and expander to each band.
  6. Clipper
    • The clipper ensures that the audio volume level does not exceed the maximum. Unlike "hard" clippers, this clipper ensures a smooth clip making sure we retain the very best audio quality.

Note: SOS can also make use of hardware audio processing via certain Soundcards like the Orban Optimod 1100 or the EMU range of cards.

Where to Find the AGC

In SAM Broadcaster & SAM Party DJ:

Alternatively you can click on EQ in Deck A or Deck B and click on DSP.


  • Click on AGC

Additional Configuration

The best way to get additional configuration instructions and solutions is to contact SoundSolution's forums at http://www.soundsolution.it/forum/.

Note: There are minor changes in our version of the SoundSolution.

Beware of "over processing" the audio. Turning on the AGC from your mixing board (if applicable) and on the final mixer will probably sound worse - losing a lot of detail in the audio. Also, beware of using external DSP audio processing plug ins in conjunction with the built-in AGC. This might also cause a loss in audio detail.

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