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Our encoders contain various built-in Encoders that translate the raw PCM sound samples into an aacPlus, MP3 and/or Windows Media (and other formats) that can be streamed over the internet to multiple listeners. This is virtually the same on SAM Broadcaster, SOS, SimpleCast and Winamp DSP Encoder plugin.

Encoders Display

Encoders shown in SAM Broadcaster and SOS
Encoders shown in SAM Broadcaster and SOS
  1. Dropdown menu gives almost the same options as the commands below but add a few extras:
    • Start all command will start all the encoders
    • Stop all will stop all the encoders
    • Select source command allows you to select the encoders source (in SAM Broadcaster only):
      • From the audio pipeline
      • From the soundcard output
        • If you have multiple soundcards, this menu option will list all available recording devices; you can select the correct one.
          Note: You can also right-click on an encoder to bring up a popup menu with the same commands.
  2. ("+") Add New Encoder button will bring up the Encoder plugin list. Select the type of encoder to use and click on OK to configure the new encoder.
  3. Configure button will allow you to change the configuration of the selected Encoder.
  4. ("-") Remove Encoder button will remove the selected encoder.
  5. Start button will start the currently selected encoder. (Encoder will start encoding the audio data and streaming it over the internet.)
  6. Stop button will stop the selected encoder.
  7. Blue button will use the Audio Pipeline as the direct source for the audio samples that will be encoded (in SAM Broadcaster and Winamp DSP Encoder plugin only).
  8. Red button will grab the audio data from the soundcard (whatever is being played over the soundcard will be encoded. This requires configuration of the soundcard mixer to work correctly! This option is only in SAM Broadcaster and Winamp DSP Encoder plugin only).
  9. Scripting Interface button will hide or show the scripting section of the Encoders window.
    Note: Scripting only works in Windows Media Player. Scripting for MP3 is also supported, but requires the embedded MP3 player.
  10. VU Meter shows you the audio levels in decibels (dB) being encoded.

Scripting Interface

On the scripting interface the Script type command specifies what kind of script data is going to be used. Only the CAPTION type is listed here:

The CAPTION allows you to display custom text inside the Windows Media Player of your listeners. (They will need to enable captioning inside their players to make this work.) Simply enter your text inside the Script data textbox (and make sure the Script type is CAPTION of course) and then click on the Send button. The caption text you entered should display inside the listener player as soon as it reaches that section of the song. Also note that the SAM Windows Media Encoder will send the currently playing song information to the captioning area of the player automatically on each song change.

In-Depth Encoder Addition

Please follow these links on how to add an encoder:

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