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PAL (Playlist Automation Language)

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Table of Contents   Quick Start Guide   PAL Scripting 101   Objects   Script Examples    Music1 24 Hour PAL Script    Music 1 Hourly PAL   CBS News Scripts    Write some useful scripts

Ammended - Custom Song balance script
AutoStart SAM via a PAL
Condition album covers
Custom Song Balance Script
Daily Shows Scheduling. Based on Steve's original. *
Different Rules for Requests than for PAL queued songs *
Enforcing rules on Station IDs, Promos
How Do I fix the song lengths of my songs that are either invalid, or show -00:00?
How do I update my song database if I move songs from one drive to another
How do I use PAL to play songs at a certain time?
How to indicate when you are one air
How to install the PAL script.
How to play Top10 requests at a certain time?
Looping files in queue over and over again
PAL script to clear songs from categories and then fill them back up
PAL script to generate advanced playlists
PAL script to generate highly flexible playlists
PAL Scripting Reference Guide *
PAL to play an album from track 1 to track N
PAL to play an hour of an artist
PAL: Custom request handling example
PAL: Marking items in category as overlay=yes
PAL: General StreamAds rotation
PAL: General Overlay rotation
PAL: Hide and Unhide a Category for Requests
Play more previously requested songs *
Playing Station IDs and Advertisements LOUDER than normal music
Pull from 1 category and build a playlist *
Pull from 1 category and fill another up *
Pull from Muliple categories and Fill 1 category *
Pull from multiple categories and make a playlist *
Remote live show on Friday nights
SAM request/playlist policies via database *
Scan and remove all invalid songs...
Scheduling a regular show, to play in sequence *
Scheduling Multiple Shows Across Multiple Days
Script to Fix Song Titles
Select Oldest Song Played PAL
Serial Control by the Direct Method
TextPad PAL Syntax Highlighting *
The way a lazy DJ works *
The way a Lazy DJ works : update *
Two For Tuesdays (Based on 2fer)
Two-For-Tuesday PAL script
UPDATED: Cleaning up your song database (removing invalid songs)
UPDATED:12/07/03 19:00 Saytime. After xx tracks play.
Podcasts in PAL

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