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Statistic Relays

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The Statistic relays window provides a quick overview of the status of all inserted streaming servers and an interface to add, modify or remove streaming servers/relays. This is the same on SAM Broadcaster, SOS and SimpleCast, however SOS and Simplecast will have a Statistic Relays Graph built onto this window.

Note: In this section, a relay server and a streaming server are exactly the same and used interchangeably.

Statistic Relays Control

Statistic Relay on SAM Broadcaster v4
Statistic Relay on SAM Broadcaster v4
  1. Dropdown menu provides the same options available from the rest of the toolbar buttons.
  2. Plus ("+") button will add a new relay. Pressing the button will launch the relay plugin selection window, and you can follow the process as described below in the In-Depth area.
  3. Configure button will present the details of the currently selected relay.
  4. Minus ("-") button will delete the selected relay from the list.
  5. Force update button will force all relays to update their status.
    • Note: The update might not be instant and can take a few seconds to complete (especially if you have a lot of relays).
  6. Checkbox specifies if the relay will be shown inside the Statistic relays graph.
  7. The Color-code box chooses which color that relay will show as.
  8. Relay (#) number box shows the ascending order.
  9. Viewers shows you how many listeners are and have been on your station in Current viewers/Max viewers fashion.
  10. High shows peak viewers since the program started.
  11. File Format tells you which kind of stream is on that line.
  12. Streaming Bitrate tells you at what kbp/s your stream is streaming at.
  13. Server type shows you the type the relay is.
  14. Status explains if the stream is streaming, idle or erroed out.
  15. Details gives the details of the status line.

In-Depth Statistic Relay Addition

Please follow these links on how to add a statistic relay:

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