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Tools Menu

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Tools is apart of the menu-bar in SAM Broadcaster and SAM Party DJ.

Menu Options

  • Maintenance:
    • Reset Weight Balance: Run this each time after you added songs to your library if you use weighted rotation, otherwise newer songs might play very often since they have a very low balance.
    • Verify Songs: Scans through all the songs in the media library database and then deletes all entries where the physical file no longer exists.
    • Clear History: Will completely empty the history table. Most broadcasters need this data for reporting purposes (Used for royalties or station statistics). So be very careful with this command. We recommend doing a backup of your data before you run this command.
  • Mass Tagger: Load or Save all the tags for your songs with a single button click.

Options in SAM Broadcaster Only

  • Reports: Opens the SAM Broadcaster reports generator.
  • Backup:
    • Backup: Backup the complete SAM4 database.
    • Restore: Restores the complete SAM4 database.
  • Note: Backup/Restore is not available for all supported database types. Currently only FireBird and MySQL is supported.
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